Final Thoughts on Swearing

Other criminal hacks will know the old story about an angry defendant at the old Knightsbridge Crown Court (round the back of Harrods – those were the days) who was sentenced to a substantial bit of bird. As he’s being taken out of the dock he shouts at the judge: ‘You’re a c***’. Judge says: ‘Stay there a moment Mr X. Now, when I leave here I’m going to play a round of golf and then go home, where my wife will have a gin and tonic waiting for me. We may go out to dinner. You are going to gaol. Who’s the c***?’


About Francis FitzGibbon QC

I am a QC and member of Doughty Street Chambers, London ( & an associate member of Trinity Chambers, Newcastle ( Chair of the Criminal Bar Association of England & Wales. I practise criminal law. Please do not look for legal advice in this blog as you won't find any. The views expressed here are entirely personal.
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One Response to Final Thoughts on Swearing

  1. anyapalmer says:

    Story I was told on Twitter by @BristolRed:

    Best exchange in court. V Noel Coward English counsel “Let’s look at your account” My client “i’m a c@%t?! You’re the c@%t!”

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