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Professor Dawkins’s Jury Delusion

Having seen off God, Professor Dawkins turns his attention to another object of veneration, the jury, in the The New Statesman. He thinks that the requirement, as he sees it, of proof ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ for guilty verdicts, is at … Continue reading

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Bad Science and the Destruction of the Forensic Science Service

In the aftermath of the verdict in the Stephen Lawrence murder trial I wrote for The Justice Gap about the forces undermining the quality of forensic – scientific and expert – evidence. On one side, the government has scandalously closed … Continue reading

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Abu Qatada

Let’s agree that Abu Qatada is a bad man who espouses an ideology of death and tyranny. Whether he deserves all the fear and loathing he attracts is not under discussion here. We’ll assume the worst. It makes the argument … Continue reading

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